"We need wings to fly. We like to collect feathers and build wings."--L.P.



Circle Communications is a team of creative and dedicated professionals who have a real passion for design, marketing, and being involved in the community. Our team consists of a diverse group of people who are individually well-experienced in the work that they do. We create high quality products and services that communicate your identity in a way that is attractive, memorable and environmentally responsible. We love what we do and strive to be the best that we can be to our clients.

B.S. Marketing, CSUS
Leila has over 15 years experience in sales and marketing in San Mateo County. She has a pretty thick rolodex as she enjoys meeting new people everyday and making connections for her established network. She loves to read, shop, and eat at different restaurants, but most of all enjoys spending quality time with her family. Leila@circlecommunications.com


Chief Operations Officer
Conrad has over 20 years experience in business management in the financial sector and high tech industry. He has experience with operations flow analysis, design, and implementation. He has an economics and finance background, and understands the importance of adapting to ever changing business cycles. He loves to cook, running, and spending time with the family.

Creative Director
M.A. Visual Communications, SFSU
Andy worked in graphic design for the past 7 years, principally in various components at San Francisco State University where he also received his BA and MA in visual communications. Andy's specialty is helping companies develop their corporate identity & branding. On his spare time he enjoys spending time with his friends, watching horror movies, and trying out new restaurants. Andy@circlecommunications.com

Graphic Designer
B.A., Fine Arts, UC Davis
Rick has years of experience working with Lockheed Martin. When he's not designing, he's surfing the big waves! Rick@circlecommunications.com

Marketing Specialist
Rocky is a new resident of the Bay Area from Southern California. He enjoys diving into creative projects which include graphic design and photography. Rocky is our all around marketing guy!

Graphic Designer
B.A. Art, Graphic Design concentration, CSU East Bay (Hayward)
Nicole loves to draw and helping out non-profit organizations. She has walked to the top of Mount Lassen, walked amongst the Joshua Trees in southern California, and hiked the trail to the base of Half Dome at Yosemite National Park. Nicole also loves to birdwatch.

Marketing Intern/Executive Assistant
B.A. Asian American Studies with a focus in Communications, UCLA A.J. enjoys watching soap operas on her spare time but most importantly loves spending time with family and be an advocate for community awareness and development. AJ@circlecommunications.com

Marketing Intern
Christopher is a hard-working student at CSM and loves anything that is competitive and creative like video games!


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